Everything you need to know about no-code | 2021 Edition

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Everything you need to know about no-code | 2021 Edition

Tom Osman
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If you are reading this right now then chances are you've heard that now it's possible to build apps and create software without writing code. 

Now while it's hugely exciting, due to the big influx of tools, education platforms and courses released in 2020, it's easy to feel a bit lost to end up wondering which tools best fit your use case, where to start when bringing your idea to life or where to start learning.

This video presentation will get you up to speed and ensure you don't waste any time or money at the early stages of learning. A personal cheat sheet if you will.

My name is Tom Osman. Over the last 14 months, I worked at Makerpad where I created over 100 no-code tutorials and held over 50 workshops with founders, makers, entrepreneurs, operators and personalities. 

Now I consult with the internets leading creators and entrepreneurs to implement effective systems allowing them to focus on what they do best. 

This is my attempt at reaching more people who I haven't had a chance to meet yet and to encourage more people to build without code.

What to expect

  • Introduction: Who am I?
  • Part 1: What is no-code?
  • Part 2: Why is it important?
  • Part 3: Who no-code tools are for?
  • Part 4: What can be built?
  • Part 5: Traditional apps vs no-code apps?
  • Part 6: Where to start.
  • Part 7: The Tools - Web sites, Web Apps, Mobile Apps, Automation Tools and everything else.
  • Part 8: Automation Focus.
  • Part 9: The Opportunities for businesses
  • Part 10: The Opportunities for consultants
  • Part 11: Where to learn?
  • Part 12: Where to start building your apps
  • Part 13: People to follow
  • Bonus: an app containing profiles of 600+ people working in the space.

This video is 80+ minutes long.

Here are some people who've enjoyed it so far.

Also, this is the first product I've ever sold so I truly do appreciate any support I get.

I hope you enjoy it,


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